Father’s Day Run

 #SundayRunDay 🏃🏽‍♀️  •Warm-up  1 fast paced lap Static Stretch  •Workout part 1 2 fast laps 20 Russian twist 20 Fully extended crunches 20 push ups  4 rounds •Part 2 Sprint the straightaways Jog the curves  3 laps  •Recovery 1 lap medium paced walk Static Stretch

Gobble-Be-Gone Arms🦃

Turkey Burn Day 2: Warm-up 10 min jog Light static stretch Part 1 (3 rounds) 12 cable curls 12 cable lat pulls 12 cable triceps kick back  30 In & Out Abs (Knee to chest 10/ 10R&10L) Part 2 (3 rounds) 12 DB chest press legs at 6in 12 DB lying Overhead trice extension to... Continue Reading →


#TurkeyBurn Welcome Back Workout🤔👀😂 Superset 1 10 squats (increase weight each set. I started at 135 and ended with 225) 20 pushups 10 plyo-lunges (R/L=1) 10 barbell rows  5 rounds Superset 2 10 weighted hamstring curls single leg 15 tricep dips 25 regular crunches 3 rounds CORE 50 Russian twist with medicine ball 25 full... Continue Reading →


Latest Instagram post on middle split stretching without getting to crazy with the over splits for those who are just trying to get their splits back right or those who have never had them before. My favorite pre-middle split stretch. It works wonders for the ladies out there who are trying to improve on their... Continue Reading →


 Here are just a couple of snippets of my favorite workouts the past week. Will be posting a lot more of these videos soon. Be on the lookout for new challenges, recipes, dances, and dance tips. Closer to the beginning of the year, I will start doing some professional dance audition tips that I or... Continue Reading →

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